There’s been a flurry of massive albums released in 2018. And if science tells us anything, it’s that with albums, come tours. But we’re not talking any old tours here – this article is about blockbuster, empty-out-you-piggybank tours.

Aside artists with albums in the way or already released, we’ve put our heads together to sleuth through major bands in the midst of making a comeback too. From hip hop megastars to rock and roll royalty, these are the massive concert tours that need to make their way to Australia ASAP.

Tame Impala

In true Kevin Parker style, the Tame Impala frontman is keeping his cards close to his chest. However, he’s already stated that a new album is on its way, potentially due out as soon as a year. Plus, Tame Impala have been making a low-key live comeback ending their brief hiatus – taking to the stage as part of Mad Cool Festival in Madrid and Pitchfork Music Festival in the States.

Arctic Monkeys

The industry anointed ‘saviours of rock and roll’ threw us an absolute curveball this year, dropping an album of crooning lounge pop. Long story short: it had their devout fanbase in an absolute tizzy. One thing’s for certain, however, Arctic Monkeys are dormant no more. After years of waiting, the renowned live act is back on the touring circuit, with frontman Alex Turner stating that the band is already ready to release more new music. It’s only a matter of time before their tour finds them hitting Aussie shores once again.


One of the music industry’s worst kept secrets is that Slayer will be heading to Australia in 2019. While venues and dates haven’t been confirmed formally — it’s basically all locked in. What’s more, it’s going to be their last tour ever. Get ready to Reign In Blood one last time. 

Beyonce & Jay Z

Speaking of poorly kept industry secrets, Jay Z and Beyonce’s massive On The Run II tour is set to hit Australia. If our sources serve us well, the power couple will be heading Down Under after the European and American leg of their tour wraps up. Plus, if Bey’s stellar set at Coachella is anything to go by, we’re in for an epic stadium show when the dream team of modern R&B and hip hop pay us a visit. 

Kanye West

It’s been a pretty wild time for our dear mate Kanye of late. In a year marred by a disappointing album and downright confusing antics (ie curating the inaugural Pornhub Awards and wearing a fuckin’ MAGA hat) it’s probably time that he gets back to something he’s actually, when it’s all said and done, exceptionally good at — touring. Plus, it’s no secret Ye’s in a solid amount of debt. It’s high time he starts racking in those ticket sales figures again.

Bon Iver

A Bon Iver performance is as beautiful as it is stunning. The reclusive art pop maverick is well overdue for a full Australian tour, and Justin Vernon’s last Australian performance was for a four-night run at Sydney’s VIVID Festival. Off the back of his latest album, Bon Iver is currently weaving his way through a low-key European tour. Surely he’s due to headline a major Aussie festival, or show us some love with a national jaunt?

The 1975

Pop rock juggernaut The 1975 are on the cusp of releasing a brand new album into the world. And as we’ve discussed before — new albums mean new tours. But here’s the icing on the cake. An Australian tour could be announced in nothing more than a few weeks. How do we know that for sure? Welp, The 1975’s manager Jamie Oborne let it slip on Twitter. What a goose. In either case, their live shows have been nothing but stellar and this tour is one to look out for.

Fleetwood Mac

The Mac is back, baby! And now with more Neil Finn than ever before. After longterm member Lindsay Buckingham was unceremoniously kicked out of the band, Crowded House legend and all-round lovely bloke Neil Finn stepped in on guitar and vocal duties. The new incarnation of Fleetwood — also bolstered with Tom Petty guitarist Mike Campbell — made their live debut live on Ellen. And while it’s a little bit bizarre to see Neil Finn up there Fleetwood, it also sounds really bloody good. This lineup has been specifically put together for a world tour, and with honourary Aussie Neil Finn in on the action, how could they not pay us a visit?


Slim Shady has been bubbling away this year, headlining Coachella and dropping a surprise album Kamikaze out of nowhere — heading straight to #1 on the Billboard Charts. The seminal rapper hasn’t hit Australian shores since 2014, so we think it’s high time Eminem dropped by again.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is already set to headline FOMO festival, so if you’re determined to catch the fierce rapper live — that’s your easiest bet. But something in the air is telling us Minaj will be dropping around the country for some cheeky sideshows.


I know, I know. The idea of a Gallagher brothers reunion seems impossible. The pair spends most of their time relentlessly slagging each other off. But industry chatter says its all a marketing ploy for a forthcoming tour. Plus, Noel and Liam have been busy releasing their own solo efforts, so can we just get the band back together already?  Apparently, it’s going to cost more to fly them out on separate private jets than it would to put the show on. But if the price is right (and let’s be honest, an Oasis reunion would garner some serious coin) this dream could become a reality.


GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE A MAN AFTER MIDNIGHT. After more than 35 years apart, ABBA has officially reunited with new music on the way. With rumours circulating that the iconic pop group could headline Glastonbury, could an Aussie appearance be on the cards? Crazier things have happened. What’s even crazier, however, is rumours of a ‘digital tour’ which would see computer-generated versions of themselves take to stadiums across the globe. What a time to be alive.

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