xBox Live And PSN Suffering From DDOS issues AGAIN

It has just been christmas. People have been enjoying thier families, the christmas athmosphere. and all the things we love about the christmas. Even Sony employes need to take their time off to celebrate their holiday with their beloved ones, and some “hackers”, have made the Playstation Network go down while Sony employes were having fun.

Xbox  users in the USA and Europe are having some difficulties logging into Xblox live and Playstation Network. Some internet hackers are claiming that they have knocked down the servers. So while all the kids have received their new playstation games, they will not be able to redeem them. Whether it is the new Assasian Creeds game, the whole new Sims or just any beloved game that usually gets ripped off from the shelves.

So in the meanwhile I play…

So in the meanwhile I just stick to my own customized gaming computer and have fun. There is simply nothing that can stop me from running and playing the game that I have wanted to play for decades. I got this game as a present from my beloved family members, and I can really say that I am a huge fan of it. It is really great and fun to be playing. The game is packed with action and sandbox gameplay, and I never seem to get tired of it. The title is Garry’s Mod. Now I really wanna play this game with you guys out there, the community. So I have found a decent way for you to do it at a cheap price. It is actually for free that you can play Garry’s Mod. I found this website and tool called gmod free which is basically a website that allows you to play Garry’s mod for free and with the same features as you would originally have. This allows you to easily get into the gameplay and in the time of minutes you will be finding yourself playing Garry’s Mod, which in my opinon is a fantastic game. And I can really recommend Garry’s Mod


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The Best FREE Games Of ALL Time

I have been playing so many different games throughout the years and have nailed down my top favorite free video games of all time that I have ever played.


Runescape has got to be my favorite video game of all time, and I gotta say that it is an amazing game that you can just keep on playing this game and experience new stuff and appearances from each day I played the game. I honestly can say that this game was pretty much my whole childhood and I do not know where I would be today if I hadn’t played Runescape.


Habbo is truly an AMAZING game that has broken records like no other free game. The developer of this game has litteraly made bank from this video game that he came up with, and it is today now one of the best games that has ever been released. Huge credits to Habbo.

League Of Legends

League of Legends is not a pay to win game and I truly love it for that. I gotta admit that League of Legends has been a bit of game that was that great that you wanted to buy skins to make yourself seem like a better player. However, what is common to most of these games is that they are free but in the end you end up paying which is a GENIOUS thing to do.

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Make Your Playstation 4 Experience Much Better

It has been a few months now that I have had my Playstation 4. I totally love it, and I can definitely recommend that you get yourself a playstation 4. You might wanna ask why I recommend you to get a console that costs 500$, this console is really worth it. And even as a PC gamer I did not at first think that I would like the Playstation. I have previously owned a Playstation 2 and 3, but they just didn’t really fit my playstyle. Even though I tried FPS shooters, MMO’s, fun and arcade games. It just simply didn’t fit into me and my home. Now what improved my Playstation 4 experience was this website: which is a decent website for Jailbreaking. It allows me to get so many games, and they are all amazing. It increases performance and is generally a very nice fit in my home. I can now sit down and relax in front of my gaming device and just live the life. SO I can definitely recommend you to get it. Here is a video of my Ps4:

Now what you probably will notice in this video clip is that the ps4 is really fast, and the speed is amazing. It feels like riding on the back of a hawk when I play on it, and I gotta say that my favorite game is ratchet and clank. I just love this game where I am a rabbit jumping around trying to beat bosses to finally reach my princess and marry her. I also really like Modern Warfare 3 which is a fantastic game. Many people really dislike it, but I think that this shooter is one of its own kind. It might be because I never did play the Modern Warfare 2, but there is just still something about it that I am in LOVE with! I cannot explain it like so, but I just do love it. So that is pretty much why I have done that.

So can I recommend a Playstation 4?

Spend 500$ to have a crapload of fun, tons of hours wasted, and a device so you can play fifa with your friends? Does that not sound tempting to you at all? – Because it should. It is so fun to play on the device and I feel like I am a whole new person whenever i sit in front of it. So yes I can definitely recommend you to get this device. And getting the ps4 themes from ps4 themes portal is something that I can definitely recommend. They provide some real quality themes!


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iPhones Are Bad And Overrated

We have all seen it: iPhone fanboys and fangirls coming home from their school and uploading tons and tons of pictures. Now this gets really annoying, and the iPhone seems more like a kids tool today. I would personally say that the iPhone is fitting for kids and older people. Why you might ask? Well the thing with an iPhone is that they are super simple to use, but do not allow much customizisation. Now the reason behind this is probably to keep it all simple. This is one of the many reasons why I do not like the iPhone. I made these results from some informations I gathered while playing The Best Farming Simualtor 2015 Free Download that is out there. So please don’t be to biased on the results.

The price is ABSURD

just look at the price for a whole new iPhone. They are usually 1.000$, and are assembled with parts that probably costed less than 1% of that! Now that is what I would like to call a moneyhungry company. And honestly, I think apple has had it too easy so far, we should definitely give them a harder time by buying other phones than iPhones and iPods. I really think Apple is a somewhat shady company whereas Android is a really nice company that gives their customers what they actually deserve. There is no bullshit about it, and they really deliver. That is why I want all of you to get an android. Here are some reasons to sum it up:

  • Way more cost efficient
  • Great customer support
  • Warranty
  • Customization

iphones break

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I Want This Gaming Setup

I just saw this gaming setup on YouTube, and I totally love it!

I have my own gaming setup, but I just don’t really think it looks as awesome as his does. I really think he made something awesome here, and the way that he is arranging his furniture and the way he has wrapped his cables are really impressive in my eyes. I think that he really thought about the design. Turns out that he really knows his stuff about architecture which is one of the reasons why he managed to build such a nice place. If we look at his computer it looks like a really proffesional one, and I think that he spent quite some time on getting it to look like that! It is amazing!

I really wish that I had a room like that, and a monitor at the size of his. In my dreams this is something that I am aiming for, and I will keep you updated here on the blog about how the goal goes. So I hope you stay tuned out there, and I will most defnitely share it with you whenever I can. So that is pretty much why I watch these videos, to get inspired for my life and he goes really well about making those videos for us to watch. I have now subscribed to him, because he really shows his room pretty nicely.

Plans for my Room

In my gaming hub here I really wanna improve a few stuff, mainly my chair is something that I have in mind right now.  My chair is getting all ruggy and there are things coming out of it, but then again. I just don’t have the budget right now. And then again, I am a noinnocentvictim as you guys are. So that is how it is going lately, I hope to update you more with video game news and some more stuff in the works. I actually picked up the best Stranded Deep Free download this week and I got a lot of things coming up for you.

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